This program focuses on activities that include learning, science, movement and imaginative play. Activites are designed around the six main development areas.

Age Range: 2-3 Years Old
Staff to Child Ratio: 1:6

Toddlers are full of energy and curiosity. CCLC staff design activities that are focused on guiding children through exciting experiences that encourages creativity and confidence while allowing them to develop a strong sense of culture and connection to their family. Many activities include group play where they can make friends, learn cooperation and taking turns.


Effective social skills enable children to establish and develop positive relationships. Our staff help children to understand feelings as well as develop emotional awareness, social values and empathy through their daily activities.


Children will have the opportunity to experiment with their five senses and enjoy different activities that include water, sand and all kinds of other materials that have an abundance of textures, smell and appearance.


CCLC programs are created to focus on the development, comprehension and use of the English language through verbal communication. Our staff guide children in their conversations with others to help expand and develop their language.


Children will be exposed to a variety of music which evokes movement. Music and movement enhances curiosity, fine-motor skills, rhythmic awareness, listening and social skills.


Our indoor and outdoor play areas are full of activities that are designed to allow children to explore their natural environment, develop their gross motor skills and spark their curiosity.


We promote learning through play. Our daily programs incorporate a variety of activities such as dramatic play, art, and social games which allows children to develop cognitively.