At Children’s Creative Learning Centre, we believe in every child. We support and encourage your children’s emotional, social, cognitive and physical growth and development by understanding their unique abilities.

Through experience and knowledge, we believe children learn best through play. We help them develop and learn at their own pace by giving them an inclusive program and nurturing environment that supports creative thinking, problem-solving and the development of their social skills. Our commitment to your child extends to you and the communities, with whom we support, encourage and facilitate co-operative working relationships.


Providing the highest level of excellence in childcare the exceeds provincial licensing requirements.

Safe & Friendly

We provide a safe & friendly environment for all children. The entrance to the centre is only accessible with an access code.

Convenient Hours

Children's Creative Learning Centre is open Monday to Friday from 7:00am - 5:45pm.

Educational & Fun

Delivering a high-quality childcare program that is education and fun. Striving to keep your children engaged and stimulated.

Accessible by Transit

The centre is accessible by transit. We are conveniently located near the 7th Street SW/8th Street SW C-Train stations.

Fully Trained Staff

Our staff have the experience, expertise and education necessary to support the age group of children they are working with.